Someone Made A Mid-Engine C2 Corvette

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Well this is interesting…

The C2 Corvette is considered by many to be the quintessential design for America’s sports car. Everything from the lines to the vehicle proportions are pure beauty, making it a favorite of collectors and enthusiasts. Naturally, someone decided to mess with all that by releasing a rendering of a mid-engine C2 Corvette in what has to be one of the cleverest trolls we’ve seen in a while.

See how Chip Foose would redesign the C8 Corvette here.

On Instagram, wb.artist20 posted the odd rendering, which takes the long, attractive hood and front fenders of a C2 and squishes them, ruining all which makes them attractive. Sure, the front end is unchanged, so there’s that, but the rear proportions of the car are of course also messed up.


We’re not really sure there was a good option with the rear window. If the artist had kept it the original size, it would’ve looked absolutely tiny on the stretched-out tail. Had he made it huge, it would’ve resembled a hatchback. Instead, he split the difference and made it larger, but not too much larger, and it looks all wrong. So does everything else back there. We can’t see since the rendering doesn’t show it, but is the fuel filler still behind the rear window? Why not put it in the hood and really mess with the design further?

With the engine in the middle, there has to be a new way to feed it all that precious oxygen necessary for combustion. That’s achieved through scoops located behind the doors. They don’t look horrible, but all these changes destroy one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

Even though Chip Foose doesn’t agree, we think the C8 Corvette is a good-looking car. That doesn’t mean the C2 should retroactively get the mid-engine treatment, something this rendering makes quite clear. Do you think there’s anything which could improve this concept or was it doomed from the beginning?

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