Stolen 1960 Pontiac Found After 60 Years

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There's not much left of the car, but the mystery has been solved.

The remnants of a 1960 Pontiac, long considered lost to time, have been uncovered in a dense woodland area. This discovery, though bittersweet, brings closure to a decades-old mystery. The vehicle, now little more than a rusted relic, was found not in the condition of a classic car enthusiast's dream, but rather in a state of near-complete decay, consumed by the elements after years of abandonment in the woods.

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In 1978, two friends stumbled upon the vehicle while riding their motorcycles through these very woods. Fast forward to the present day, and the car, identifiable only by the remnants of its frame and the barely discernible stampings, was rediscovered in the same secluded spot.


Despite the car's dilapidated state, with its body rusted away and nature reclaiming what was once a symbol of automotive prowess, the frame's stampings were enough to decode its identity. This decoding process revealed that the car was indeed a 1960 Pontiac, a revelation that adds a historical dimension to the find.

This Pontiac's story, now uncovered after lying hidden for over 60 years, is a testament to the enduring intrigue of classic cars, even those that have succumbed to time's relentless march. For car historians and enthusiasts, the find is a reminder of the transient nature of material objects and the stories they carry.

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