Ten Things You Might Not Know About The Dodge Viper

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Just how well do you know this snake?

Whether you’re a Mopar fan or not, you probably have an opinion about the Dodge Viper. Some absolutely love the raucous, untamed performance it belts out on road or track, while others view it as too much of a loose cannon. There are, of course, other views on the American sports car. One thing everyone can agree on is the Viper has had a big impact on the automotive landscape and so will be missed now that it’s out of production.

But the real question is just how well do you know the Dodge Viper? Check out the follow ten facts about the car to find out.

1. Half-Hour Approval

Normally, presenting a prototype to an automotive CEO to sign off on production is a long, grueling process. However, after riding in a prototype Dodge Viper for half an hour, Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca absolutely loved everything. He even turned to Bob Lutz and told the man, “What are you waiting for?” The rest is history.

2. Pedal Adjustment

Proving the first generation Viper was ahead of its time in many ways, engineers included in the car’s design a way to adjust all three pedals to suit a driver’s preferences. While being able to adjust the different pedals independently in cars these days isn’t such a novel feature, back in the early 90s it wasn’t something you saw in production cars.


3. Unreasonable Car

Francois Castaing, Chrysler Vice President of Vehicle Engineering at the time, described the first-gen Dodge Viper as “unreasonable.” He went on to explain that the fact it was a vehicle some people didn’t understand in the least was a good thing, because it signaled the company had pushed its design “far enough.” So you see, it was made from the beginning to be polarizing.

4. Inspired By Skunk Works