Woman Gets Off Interstate And Her BMW X6 Explodes

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Woman Gets Off Interstate And Her BMW X6 Explodes
Woman Gets Off Interstate And Her BMW X6 Explodes

Call it a miracle or just a happy coincidence, a Georgia woman and her friend are alive today thanks in part to her BMW’s GPS navigation. That technology, coupled with a Good Samaritan going out of his way to provide a warning, helped the women to avoid a fiery fate.

This Kia could set your house on fire.

The odd saga unfolded on June 28 as the two were returning home via I-20 near Panola in the Metro Atlanta area. That’s when Shauna Hervey, also known as Mama K-Camp since she’s rapper K-Camp’s mother, heeded the odd direction from her BMW X6’s navigation system to get off the interstate and take surface streets.


She told WSB-TV that normally she doesn’t do what navigation tells her, but this time was different. As she progressed on surface streets, other drivers were honking at her and otherwise trying to get her attention, but she ignored them and kept going. Finally, when she was stopped at a light a man urgently told her the Bimmer was on fire.

Sure enough, she got out and saw fire coming from the chassis. She was able to yell at her friend to get out immediately, and thankfully so since the whole SUV was engulfed in flames within a few short minutes. Had they kept driving they might not have been able to get out in time.

Hervey says firefighters believe a fuel line problem caused the fast-moving blaze, which would make sense. Whether a rupture, disconnection, etc. having fuel spraying all over hot components is a good way to start a fast-moving fire.

Authorities and BMW are apparently investigating what caused the problem. In the meantime, Hervey has her GPS system to thank, as well as the unidentified Good Samaritan, for saving her life.

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