10 Celebrities Who Drive Pickup Trucks

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10 Celebrities Who Drive Pickup Trucks
10 Celebrities Who Drive Pickup Trucks

In a world where sports cars and luxury vehicles often steal the spotlight, a surprising number of celebrities opt for the rugged charm and practicality of pickup trucks. From vintage classics to modern powerhouses, these trucks reveal a different side of Hollywood's elite, showcasing their love for Americana and versatility on the road.

Channing Tatum (Chevrolet 3100)

At the forefront of this trend is Channing Tatum, the heartthrob known for his roles in action-packed blockbusters and dance films. Tatum's choice of a vintage Chevrolet 3100 pickup, estimated to be worth around $50,000, adds a touch of old-school cool to his car collection, proving that classic aesthetics never go out of style.


Willie Robertson (Ford F-150)

"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson, known for his outdoorsy lifestyle, naturally gravitates towards a custom Ford F-150, a vehicle that embodies the ruggedness required for his hunting expeditions. The truck's customizations ensure it's as unique as Robertson's personality, blending seamlessly with his on-screen persona.

Lady Gaga (SVT Lightning)

Lady Gaga, a pop icon known for her eclectic taste, surprises many with her choice of a first-generation Ford SVT Lightning. This powerhouse of a pickup, with its 5.8-liter V8 engine, proves that Gaga's penchant for the extraordinary extends beyond her music and fashion to her choice of vehicles.

Shaquille O'Neal (Ford F-650 Extreme)

Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal's preference for a Ford F-650 Extreme speaks volumes about his larger-than-life persona. The massive truck, equipped with a 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 engine, mirrors Shaq's towering presence both on and off the court.

Rutledge Wood (Toyota Tundra CrewMax)