10 Genius Products to Create More Privacy in Your Home

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Noisy neighbors, begone

<p>Photo: <a href="">Urban Outfitters</a> / Image Treatment: The Spruce</p>

Photo: Urban Outfitters / Image Treatment: The Spruce

Your home is your sanctuary, a private place to relax and enjoy your loved ones—but, it becomes a lot less peaceful if you're lacking the privacy part. There are many reasons why you would want to create some more privacy in your home, whether it's dampening sounds from noisy neighbors or covering windows in exposed rooms. Whatever the reason may be, we got you covered.

We shopped for products that’ll up your sense of privacy, from cool window clings to ways to prevent sounds from sneaking in (or out) to an ingenious lock that can be accessed even far from home.  Scroll on for 10 seriously smart and stylish products that both look pretty and give you more privacy.


FDW 4 Panel Room Divider

“Privacy, but make it cute”—that’s what this folding wooden partition says. Made up of four panels, this privacy screen can separate different spaces in your home or block a window. There’s no need to decide on just one space for it; move the sturdy yet lightweight piece around as necessary. It also features three hand-made shelves that allow you to personalize the partition with framed photos, plants, and books.

Artscape Rice Paper Window Film

Not all windows are meant to be looked through. To keep the sunshine streaming in but block the view, add this rice paper window film to your Amazon cart. When applied to a window, it provides privacy and a cool pattern, all without adhesive. It can be added to any window but would be especially helpful in a bathroom with too-close-for-comfort neighbors. (Yes, it can withstand moisture.)

Urban Outfitters Big Dot Bamboo Beaded Curtain

Add a cool ‘70s vibe to any transitional space with this bamboo beaded curtain. It’s modern yet nostalgic, and it’s ideal for adding a bit of privacy between spaces. Install this in place of a door, say in an entryway or closet, or in front of a window, as you can pull back the beads as needed. Not only does it look and feel fun, but it’s practical for adding a bit of privacy without blocking all incoming light.

Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider

Privacy-wise, window treatments are a necessity. They can be pricey though, and finding just the right fit can be daunting. That’s where the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider comes in. This versatile tension curtain rod can be adjusted to fit any space, whether in front of a window or dividing a room, all without leaving holes or damage on your walls—especially ideal if you’re renting. Best of all, it can be easily uninstalled and moved to your next home.

Anthropologie Hand-Tufted Petra Wool Rug

To soak up the sounds of your walking feet, blasting music, and phone calls, be sure to include a rug in your living space. This high-pile, hand-tufted wool rug would do the trick. Not only is it beautiful, but it would help muffle sounds between floors, which is especially important if you live in an apartment or condo building. Your downstairs neighbor will thank you.

RUGPADUSA 8'x10' 1/4" Thick Protective Cushioning Rug Pad

If you already have a rug in your living space, double down on noise reduction with a felt rug pad. This thicker option is extra cushy under your feet and soaks up sounds you don’t want neighbors hearing.

Level Smart Lock

Level Lock isn’t any ordinary lock. It’s smart—so smart that it allows you access to your home via an app, your voice, a touch of your finger, or simply a regular key, if you prefer. Still, it blends right in with your home’s aesthetic, looking like a normal (yet sleek) deadbolt in one of four finishes. Never second guess, “Did I lock the door?” again. Level allows you to lock your door while away, and also let friends, family, cleaners, and dogwalkers in with ease.

DB Sycamore Sound Absorbing Fiber Art Wall Hangings

Are these wall hangings an art piece or a noise reducer? Trick question, they’re both. These hand-made macrame panels, which come as a set of two, are strategically designed to minimize excess noise. They work two ways, blocking sounds coming from the other side of the wall (hello, noisy neighbor) as well as creating ideal acoustics on your side. Here’s proof you don’t have to live in a soundproof recording studio to have sound privacy.

Anthropologie Scarlett Rattan Room Divider Screen

To separate your space in style, invest in one of these woven rattan room dividers. There are plenty of ways to use it, but we especially love the idea of using it as a Zoom background, shielding your colleagues from any not-so-sightly spaces. No assembly is required (hallelujah!) and it’s available in three colors: ivory, natural, or light green.

Stick Pretty Pinwheel Privacy Window Film

Add this colorful pinwheel design to your windows and everyone who passes will surely be looking at it, but not in it. This film is great for windows in bathrooms, shower doors, or anywhere else you could use a little privacy. (It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.) It can be trimmed to fit most shapes and sizes of windows, and can be removed without leaving a ton of residue behind either.

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