13 Awkward And Bizarre Moments From Gwyneth Paltrow's Ski Crash Trial

Right now, you've probably seen that actor Gwyneth Paltrow is in the midst of a public civil trial regarding a ski crash in 2016. She's being sued by Dr. Terry Sanderson, who said the actor crashed into him. Gwyneth is countersuing him for $1, citing that she he crashed into her.

gwyneth in court
Rick Bowmer-Pool / Getty Images

Legal stuff aside, the trial has already had a bunch of awkward/messy moments. Here are some of the best moments to enjoy — even if you have literally zero knowledge of the trial:

1.For starters, Gwyneth's lawyer had a hard time explaining the accident itself:

2.He also had a hard time reading the incident report, which was presented as evidence:

the lawyer in front of a projector saying, does that say said, i can't read it, anyone?

3.This height/heels moment:

4.This moment, where Gwyneth is called "not that small":

5.This "You skied into my fucking back" moment:

6."I'm just telling you the truth of what actually happened — that's all I can do."

7.When Dr. Sanderson's lawyer said, "[Terry] has deterred you from enjoying the rest of what was a very expensive vacation," and Gwyneth responded, "Well, I lost half a day of skiing."

8.When the plaintiff's attorney randomly pressed Gwyneth about being friends with Taylor Swift??

9.When Gwyneth forgot the attorney's name:

10. When Gwyneth did not hide the shock on her face when the prosecutor said she's "lied under oath several times":

11.When the judge had to reprimand Terry's daughter for making medical diagnoses when she's not a medical professional:

12.And Gwyneth's lawyer apologized to Terry's daughter for "being an ass":

at the stand he says, i need to apologize, i was being an ass earlier. it was wrong of me to triangulate you, your dad, your sister, and your mom. i ask for your forgiveness

13.And this moment, where the plaintiff's daughter and Gwyneth's lawyer started joking about the phrase "anal-retentive":

Yeah, it's a lot. You can watch clips from the trial here.