Married People Shared The Wildest Ways They Caught Their Spouse Cheating, And I Literally Have No Words

A while back, we wrote posts here and here about the most shocking ways married people caught their spouse cheating. In the comments, readers from the BuzzFeed Community shared even more stories — and I'm speechless.

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Here are some of the wildest responses:

Note: Some responses were pulled from this Reddit thread by u/DEDCMDM94.

1."Mine pocket-dialed me. I could hear them having sex."


2."I found out when I had to go to a meeting crosstown. Took a cab, and it was cutting through Central Park and had to stop at a red light. One of those horse carriages went by, and in it was my husband and some woman — they were kissing."


3."I found my wife's notebook. Written on the first page was a 10-step plan detailing how she was going to leave me for another guy."

Someone writing in a notebook

"I turned it into one step."


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4."On family vacation, I picked up his phone because I was bored and the kids were playing on mine. Saw a message to some woman describing the sex he and I had the night before."

"Spent the rest of the vacation fighting via text while trying (and failing) to act normal."



5."My cousin was visiting us for a long weekend. She and I were super close, like sisters. I went upstairs to put the baby to bed, and then I came back down to them going at it on the couch."


6."He gave me his Apple Watch to monitor me exercising because he thought I was fat. I saw all the texts between him and her. So, I messaged her."

Someone reads over text messages on a phone

7."He would come home and have sex with me and would say, 'That’s what it’s supposed to be like...' (apparently, the sex with her was bad). Took me a bit to get the clue."

"He was in the bathroom for long periods of time, could never find his phone, and he started wearing Axe body spray. We had four kids — youngest was 15 months."


8."He had cheated before, and I was again suspicious, but it was verified when he sent me a text that said, 'I told Jesse we were dating. He's happy for us.' Um, you're not 'dating' your WIFE."

"I gave him a week to end it and sober up, because his affairs always started with a drunk hookup. I told him to leave. We're divorced."


9."My best friend’s husband (now ex) called me and told me she had slept with my husband."

"I confronted them both, and they admitted to it. They can have each other."


10."I found a note in the sock drawer while putting away the laundry. He had been sneaking around with the waitress at the diner he hung out at with his buddies while I was working."

A single sock in a sock drawer

11."I woke up in the night with a bad feeling, got out of bed, and found my brother sleeping with my wife."


12."I'd been on the road for work and got to go home a day early to surprise my wife and two children (2 years and 8 months). I walked in to my ex and her 'coffee friend' snuggling on the couch — With. My. Kids. In. The. Same. Room."

"I was livid. Of course, she denied everything. We split up weeks later."


13."We had a linked Apple account — we both had the Find My iPhone app. Found out what all the late nights at work really were."


14."Christmas Eve, I was on the computer looking for a photo for a last-minute gift — an ornament with a family photo, which I did for her as a tradition every year. Instead, I found a love letter to her from some guy at the gym."

Someone types while using a laptop

15."She was in my Instagram recommendations, and her profile picture was of the two of them."


16."Came home early from work, on Christmas Eve. As I walked upstairs to our bedroom, my husband immediately comes out and closes the door behind him. I had to ask him twice if there was a girl in there, and he finally said yes."

"He also made me stand in the kitchen so I couldn't see who she was as she walked out. Took me three years before I could enjoy Christmas again."

—[deleted user]

And finally...

17."I got a new job with a cell phone company. The first bill comes in with call details. She was on the phone an hour a day with this number while supposedly at work. I call, and a dude answers."

"I hang up and ask her about it. She lies and said it was a gal pal of hers. I told her I know she is lying and called the number again. The dude answers. F**k you, Brooke."



What's the most shocking way you've ever caught a spouse cheating? Let us know in the comments below.

Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.