19-Year-Old Police Impersonator Tells Quite The Story

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19-Year-Old Police Impersonator Tells Quite The Story
19-Year-Old Police Impersonator Tells Quite The Story

One of the most fascinating crimes out there is police impersonation. We suppose it’s not entirely dissimilar to stolen valor, when guys pretend to be war veterans to get respect and maybe some free or discounted stuff. But the heightened risk is when someone successfully gets away with pretending like they’re a police officer, they could potentially do considerable harm to innocent citizens. That’s what makes situations like this 19-year-old caught in Oklahoma for allegedly pulling over cars so scary.

California police are no longer allowed to ask this question.

This kid looks young, almost like a baby, thanks in large part to his face and that fact he might be 120 lbs. wet. That alone would make people suspicious. But the fact he’s wearing all black and driving a compact Kia, what kind of cop even does that?


He tries insinuating to police that he’s a deputy sheriff out of Tennessee without directly stating that. We’ve noticed with these impersonators they’re either really bold in declaring what agency they’re allegedly from, flashing a badge and talking tough, or they try to talk really nonspecifically like this kid. Usually, it’s the guys claiming to be federal officers who do the first thing. That and they tend to be older and maybe stupider.

It's obvious these officers aren’t buying the story from the get-go and who can blame them? The kid’s story about why he’s wearing his vest even though he supposedly works in a correctional facility far away, combined with the fact he doesn’t understand law enforcement jargon is enough to blow his whole story out of the water.

Caught in his lie, this kid just tells more lies. It’s pretty amazing to watch. You also see in the search of the vehicle he has an unhealthy obsession with Chick-fil-A. Oh, and we just can’t get over his teeth, which are almost as horrific as his rambling excuses and half-cocked explanations. The video is almost an hour long but it’s far more entertaining than the crap on TV, trust us.

Why do you think some people like impersonating police officers?

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