1933 Dodge Twin Turbo Big Block Is Nuts

This is one insane build!

While it’s always nice to see a clean, restored and period-correct classic, we also do love hotrods, gassers, restomods, and other crazy builds. Then there’s this 1933 Dodge built by Nick Plewniak of the YouTube channel Hustlin Horsepower. This ride was profiled by an even bigger channel, 1320video, and we wanted to share the goodness in case you missed it.

Learn about a based, blind automotive engineer here.

Called “Straight Gangster,” this build is most definitely insane. It’s packing a big block V8 donated by Plewniak’s previous build which was unfortunately lost in an accident. Bolted up to that are two 82 mm Borg Warner turbochargers that sit right out in the open for all to bask in their glory, which also helps with cooling. Despite all that, this truck has the factory firewall and wheelbase, plus the front suspension is OE-style.

There are some obvious rat rod influences in this build, but at the end of the day this thing is surprisingly modern and purpose-built for drag racing. We don’t know all its secrets, but we do see there’s an electronically-controlled carbon-fiber spoiler, so some other sophisticated goodies no doubt are hidden away somewhere.

In this video Straight Gangster if competing in The War in the Woods at the Brown County Dragway, which is a notoriously difficult drag strip. It’s not exactly NHRA certified, the surface is always changing, and there are many spectacular crashes thanks to a lack of safety features like dividers between the racers you’ll see at most modern tracks. All that just adds to the fun and challenge for guys like Plewniak.


As you’ll see, Straight Gangster’s runs are pretty wild. Sure, they’re not entirely pretty, but the build was only a few weeks old, so there are of course plenty of details to iron out.

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