1936 Packard Eight 1401 In Search Of A New Classic Car Enthusiast

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This vintage vehicle from the days of the Great Depression is finally ready to hit the road with a new owner behind the wheel.

Packard was one of America's most significant luxury automotive manufacturers in the mid-1930s, focusing on style, comfort, and vast engine options. Of course, this period has produced some of the most incredible luxury cars ever to hit the asphalt. Packard was the leading manufacturer in this battle for the hearts and wallets of the better-off members of society with vehicles such as the Seventh Series, Six Series, and Eleventh Series. These cars were the talk of the town in their day, and now they hold status as some of the most desirable classic luxury vehicles on the market. In particular, this car epitomizes that image perfectly as it helped Packard become one of the only luxury car brands to survive the great depression.

Under the hood of this 1936 Packard, Eight 1401 is a 320 ci straight-eight engine mated to a three-speed manual transmission. That drivetrain allows this potent Packard to produce 130 horsepower, which was very good for the time. A complete set of vacuum-assisted brakes stops all four wheels, and the total nut and bolt restoration ensures that this car will be around for years to come. While the performance is certainly more than enough for most classic car lovers to be satisfied, the fun doesn't end there.

First of all, this car is an award-winning masterpiece from the national and senior AACA competitions. The whitewall tires give the glorious red wheels a beautiful vintage look which perfectly matches the glossy red exterior. In addition, you'll find beautifully crafted tan leather rumbler seating and paneling with a wood dash and in-dash clock in the interior. This convertible classic also sports spare tires on both sides, which help to accentuate the vintage body lines and seal this car's image as an iconic, comfortable speed demon from a time when nobody thought it would sell at all.

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