1950s Gangster Lead-Sled Shows Off Its Custom Bodywork

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This custom cruiser is chopped, sectioned, and dropped.

The 1950s era of automotive manufacturing is widely known for creating some of the most iconic cars ever to hit the American asphalt. Much of the fame associated with these curvy cruisers came from some of the nation's most notorious gangsters and Mafia maniacs. Automotive brands such as Mercury and Lincoln became almost synonymous with the high-class gangster lifestyle of guys like Al Capone, George "Bugs" Moran, or the Kray twins. With the romanticized life of a brutal criminal and businessman came lots of money they used to purchase some of the most menacing and iconic cars to ever roll out onto the two-lane blacktop.


This car perfectly embodies that classic gangster look with a chopped roof and two-inch sectioning, which makes this insane "Lead-Sled" stand out on the streets of LA. A beautiful metallic red finish coats the exterior and some period-correct custom wheels wrapped in whitewall tires; this car has that very iconic look that so many have tried to achieve in the past. This low-slung 1950 Mercury coupe looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside with beautiful custom white leather and red paneling with barrel wrap material on the center console.

Under the hood is a Chevrolet ZZ4 V8 engine pushing out a potent 385 horsepower with the help of a fuel injection system and throttle body. That power transfers through the 700R4, 4SPD, automatic transmission. A Positraction rear end and 3.73 Chevy gears help the car achieve its goal of being the perfect cruising vehicle for the classic car enthusiast crowd. It's also really cool that the car has most modern fix-ins, such as air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, and other features that make it an excellent vehicle for kicking back and enjoying the open road.

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