1953 Nash-Healey Le Mans Coupe: The Car That Almost Took The Title Of America’s Sports Car

John Puckett
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In 1951, two years before Chevrolet debuted the Corvette, Nash-Healey made America’s first production sports car.

After a failed attempt to source Cadillac engines for his car, Donald Healey returned to England. It was on the Voyage home that he would make a connection that would go on to make history. Nash-Kelvinator CEO George Mason and Donald Healey went on to not only become friends but to create one of history's most notorious collaborations- the Nash-Healey.

Originally the plan was for Healey to produce a lightweight coupe to fit an American V8. Instead Nash supplied a hefty in-line six that Healey was able to modify to produce around 125-horsepower. Healey did design the aluminum-bodied convertible but instead of producing the bodies himself, production was outsourced and then returned to him for final assembly. It was a complicated, and expensive, collaboration that got even more complicated as production progressed. The next year Pininfarina was tapped in to handle the body work which meant each Nash-Healey was imported and exported from three different countries before reaching its buyer with a sticker price of almost double that of the Corvette.

Still, the Nash-Healey persisted and 1953 marked the first ever closed coupe design for the sports car. In honor of the previous year’s racing successes this new design was named the Nash-Healey Le Mans Coupe. Bodies were still provided by Pininfarina and Le-Mans Dual Jetfire Ambassador Six power plants were placed under the hood. As always, the interiors wore luxurious upholstery and the cars were overall well received.

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