1953 Pontiac Chieftain Gets Maaco Paint Job

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But was this an improvement or no?

One of the things that’s all the rage in some enthusiast circles these days is heavy patina on classic cars. This 1953 Pontiac Chieftain has plenty of it after years of sitting, but the owner decided to correct that problem with a $2,500 Maaco paint job. The move is proving to be fairly controversial as everyone has different opinions of not only whether he should have done this but also what would’ve been a better alternative.

Right up front, we’re going to say this is his Pontiac Chieftain so the man can do with it as he pleases. After all, this is a free country, at least for now. And thanks to those freedoms, other people can absolutely express their opinions on what he did and what they think he should’ve done instead.

Maybe you don’t like patina, but some people are wild about it. In fact, they’re so crazy about the look they’ll hire someone to airbrush fake patina on their classic car. Then there are the rust-appearance car wraps we’ve seen applied not only to older vehicles but also new rides. Hey, everyone has their thing.


The paint the Pontiac is wearing when the video begins is some sort of pastel green. If it’s not the factory color, it’s probably something that was used in the factory or it’s at least period correct. Some people think he should’ve stuck with that color or at least another pastel. The Plum Crazy he did go with looks nice, especially for $2,500, but you have to wonder how it’ll hold up over time. Plus it’s not a Pontiac color at all, a fact which makes some people, well… crazy.

If the Maaco paint doesn’t age well, this guy or a future owner could go with something pastel again or something else entirely. If this were your car, what color would you choose? Also, what do you think of getting a $2,500 Maaco paint job?

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