1960 Custom Bel Air Makes Case For The LT Engine Platform

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V8 powered but not with the engine you might expect.

Chevrolet’s Bel Air has been regarded as one of the coolest classic muscle cars in American automotive history for many decades. As the years went by, it became clear that the car was originally designed for a cool mix of sportiness and luxury with the American driver being the center focus of the whole shabang. That's exactly why many enthusiasts have looked toward custom building as their saving grace to keep their vehicles alive. Nowadays, the vehicles have been seen in everything from shows to races with a few appearances in hip/hop and rap videos. This particular Bel Air is a perfect representation of just that.


Rigid on a stock frame, this Bel Air still features tubular control arms and coilovers on all four corners just in case you thought they left the suspension systems stock. In fact, this vehicle was designed to handle in a way unlike anything the original car would have been capable of from the factory. On top of that, body roll is highly mitigated through the use of big-tube sway bars which provides the driver with a lot of peace of mind when driving down the road and making tight turns. Just a few years ago, these modifications would have been something reserved for a built race car but that's the farthest thing from what this car is.

That's exactly why the engine bay of this 1960 ß Bel Air features an LT1 engine which is a slightly confusing choice to say the least. One of the driving motivators behind the platform is the reputation for low-end torque but it's also a unique engine that not a lot of enthusiasts care for. Nevertheless, that V8 is making 410 horsepower to the wheels and now features a full custom exhaust system that makes it a lot quieter and more refined. Overall, the Bel Air is exactly what it is supposed to be, a fun cruiser with race car roots, and of that the builder is quite proud, as he should be.

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