1966 Austin Princess Landaulette Was Used By The Queen Of England & It’s Selling At Worldwide Auctioneers This Weekend

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From Royal Tours to Auction Floors.

Picture this: the year is 1966, and Queen Elizabeth II is visiting Jamaica. As she and the Duke of Edinburgh wave to eager crowds from the back of a stately vehicle, no one could have imagined that this luxurious ride would become an icon of British motoring history. That car was none other than the 1966 Austin Princess Landaulette, a vehicle so special that it's been immortalized not just in the memories of those who witnessed that visit, but also in the annals of British automotive lore.

What makes this 1966 Austin Princess Landaulette unique? First, it's not just any Austin. This car is one of only 10 custom-built models designed for the Royal Mews, the British royal family's official fleet. With meticulous restoration work carried out by vintage British motorcar experts, this Landaulette comes with its original six-cylinder Austin engine and four-speed manual transmission—a pristine preservation of Britain's automotive heritage.

Yet, it's not just the car's physical attributes that make it extraordinary; it's also the car's documented history. From a copy of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate to a letter from Buckingham Palace, every inch of this car's royal journey has been accounted for. Adding an extra touch of authenticity, there is also a period video showing Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh standing in the back of the vehicle, waving to the crowds during their Jamaican tour. After its royal service, the car continued to roll in elite circles, as it was later used by General Sir Clifford Campbell as the official State limousine.

What also stands out is the removable hardtop, a feature that likely came in handy for the Queen's public appearances. With a Landaulette, the rear section of the roof can be opened, providing an unobstructed view of the passengers within—ideal for a royal wave or two! The documentation package even includes a copy of the build sheet and a bill of lading from Jamaica to the United States, detailing the vehicle's transatlantic journey.

Now, imagine owning this slice of history. Offered without reserve, this Austin Princess Landaulette represents a rare opportunity to own a car that has not only served British royalty but has been preserved with an attention to detail that is, quite fittingly, fit for a queen. Given its combination of historical importance, unparalleled documentation, and exceptional restoration, this isn't just a car; it's a treasure trove on wheels. From royal motorcades to your garage—wouldn't you like to be the next chapter in its illustrious story?

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