1966 Chevy Chevelle Is A Nascar Nod

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And it has a few surprises...

Chevy’s Chevelle has become one of the most instantly recognizable names and cars in the entirety of the automotive enthusiast community. Whether you're talking about original classics or handbuilt-resto mods, this incredible Chevrolet muscle car is a true legend within the automotive community. Here’s a great example of that latter type which combines the good looks and styling that made the original so iconic with modern performance inspired by Nascar. Probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, this Chevelle will blow your mind with its attention to detail and iconic design.

While you might be tempted to open up the hood of this incredible V8 powered monster, there is something that needs to be addressed first. That, of course, is the set of decals that seem to instantly transform this car into a bonafide NASCAR competitor. In fact you might even remember this car as the weapon of choice of Smokey Yunick who raced in the 1960s and clearly made quite the name for himself. This is a far cry from the original car however as even that hard-core and raw NASCAR build doesn’t compare in terms of performance and handling.