1966 Ford Mustang Found In Destitute Ready For Restoration

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This incredible American icon has spent the past 21 years in hiding and is now ready to show the world what it has got up its sleeves.

The original Ford Mustang is a legend in the automotive community for being America's first pony car. While the later models may resemble more of a European-inspired sports car, the first generation made a point of being as patriotic as one could get and reassembled a mashup between the muscle cars of old and small fast sports cars like the Corvette. In 1964, these beautiful cars allowed the nation's youth to have fun with a pretty fast car for a low price. This trend soon led to cars like the Camaro, Barracuda, and Charger. As such, the first-gen 'Stang has gained a massive following with enthusiasts young and old alike.

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Unlike many classic cars, these incredible machines are not in shortage as Ford sold a ridiculous amount of them in the first generation. This lucky man has found himself an awesome 1966 Ford Mustang sitting in what looks like a below-ground storage area. After pulling the rust-bitten ride out from the squalor, it becomes clear that the exterior was partially cared for. The bright blue paint has been perfectly preserved, but the damp space this car has spent more than 21 years in has created a lot of rust throughout the vehicle.

Under the hood appears to be a 200 ci inline-six engine, which means that this would have probably been regarded as one of the lower trims. Unfortunately, the time has been harsh on the old motor as it was seized entirely upon inspection. However, this buyer wants to save this vintage automobile and, as such, has undertaken the journey of revitalizing this masterpiece from a simpler time. After a lot of work getting the engine unseized and turning, these guys finally managed to get this car up and running. This partial restoration goes to show that anything is possible with some elbow grease and an excellent idea.

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