1966 Olds 442 With 400 and 4-Speed Featured At Premier Auction Group’s Punta Gorda Sale Next Weekend

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This vintage racer is the definition of vintage speed.

Oldsmobile is one of those GM brands that not very many people talk about anymore because they stopped making cars so long ago. However, in the 1960s they were on top of the game in terms of performance and style. You might remember brands like the cutlass or 442. Well, What you’re looking at here is an example of the latter, And a pretty great looking one too at that.

You might remember that 442 stands for “four barrel carburetor four-speed manual transmission and dual exhaust,” so I won’t bore you with the minor details. However, something that isn’t explicitly specified is the 400 in.³ V8 under the hood. High torque figures and more than enough horsepower to send you flying down the dragstrip in just 14.03 seconds is sort of what this engine was known for. Performance was definitely a major selling point for the car but there’s a lot more than meets the eye with this vehicle.

First of all, the red paint job on the exterior works incredibly well with the car is naturally sharp and angular body lines. It looks like an old NASCAR because that’s basically what it was designed to be from the outside looking in. Of course, it’s not all race car all the time because one look at the interior will tell you that it’s certainly more than comfortable enough for most muscle car enthusiast. The truth is, you’ll feel pretty spectacular riding around in the leather driving seat of this Olds Cutlass and you feel good too.

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