1967 Chevy Corvette L88 Auctions For $1,650,0000

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1967 Chevy Corvette L88 Auctions For $1,650,0000
1967 Chevy Corvette L88 Auctions For $1,650,0000

Most average people would think paying well over one million dollars for any Corvette, no matter how rare it is, sounds insane. But what average people don’t know is just how valuable the C2 Corvette L88s have become, with this one auctioning over the weekend for $1,650,000 being a real deal.

Alfa Romeo is looking for a huge comeback with this new supercar.

Before you start thinking we’re off our rocker for calling well over a million dollars a deal, know that this very same car sold back in 2018 for about $3,000,000. It then sold in 2021 for $2,690,000. Everyone has their own opinion about why the price has dropped steadily over the past six years, as well as whether or not the new owner truly got a deal.


Only 20 of these L88s were made for the 1967 model year and this one is the only to have both the Duntov and Triple Diamond awards as well as its factory-original engine. What’s more, Mecum Auctions let everyone know Mark Donnally, a famous Corvette Master Judge and expert on the 1967 model year, personally inspected and confirmed the authenticity of the classic sports car. So it’s the real deal, through and through.

This C2 L88 also went through an exhaustive 10-year-long restoration process and retains its original title. The new owner can take this to any show and blow the doors off everyone, generating plenty of buzz without effort.

Overall, the L88 was developed for hardcore racing conditions, coming with not only a reinforced block but hardened internals, high-flow aluminum heads, and a Holley 850 CFM 4bbl carburetor. On top of a premium price, owners had to gas these cars up using 103-octane fuel, which wasn’t readily available, so only 20 were made.

The big question is whether the value of this L88 Corvette will continue to contract in the short term or if this is as cheap as it’s going to get?

Image via Mecum Auctions

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