1968 AMC Javelin Commercial Is Appropriately Quirky

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What else would you expect?

Quirky cars are fun, because there’s just too many cookie-cutter models out there, even among the classics. That’s why we love AMC and so do a fair number of others. After all, cars like the AMC Javelin and AMX dared to be a little or a lot different. They were a breath of fresh air, something we could desperately use in today’s new car market.

The 1968 AMC Javelin commercial really sums up what the muscle car was all about. Instead of some raucous young guy driving it, there’s a middle-aged man in a suit and tie. He’s not exactly who you’d expect to see behind the wheel of a performance car of any sort, yet he looks completely at home in the Javelin. Other people just assume he must be some sort of wild child, goading him to race, etc.