1968 Camaro Garage Fire Makes Us Want To Cry

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1968 Camaro Garage Fire Makes Us Want To Cry
1968 Camaro Garage Fire Makes Us Want To Cry

There’s something special about classic American muscle cars, so to see one like this ’68 Camaro go up in smoke is hard. After all, far too many so-called modern “muscle” cars are more akin to an iPhone or refrigerator what with their fake exhaust noises and generic designs.

This police chase really surprised us.

That’s all in stark contrast to this red 1968 Chevy Camaro, which even partially burned has so much more swagger. As you can see, it fell victim to a garage fire, with most of the damage unsurprisingly centered around the engine compartment.

The fire happened at a house in Orange County, Florida with fire crews responding to put out the blaze before it spread further. Thankfully, nobody was injured and the fire was contained to the garage, reports Orlando News.


We’ve seen far worse garage fires, including many which have gutted entire homes and killed people, so this could’ve ben much worse. Still, that poor Camaro took the brunt and very well was the cause, although that wasn’t included in the report.

This is a good reminder that if you’re working on a vehicle, take extra precautions, especially when dealing with wiring and fuel systems. Having a fire extinguisher or even a few in your garage is a great idea, while a fire suppression system is even better.

Sometimes fires are caused by leaking fluids hitting hot parts, which can spark after you’ve parked your vehicle. If your ride does have a leak, while it might not start a fire it’s best to just address the problem before it becomes an issue.

Hopefully this Camaro is covered by insurance. It looks restorable, although we have no idea what the front end and engine look like, although those can be replaced for the right price.

Image via Orland News

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