1969 Camaro Yenko And 1969 Camaro COPO Show Down

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Two high-performance muscle cars take to the drag strip to determine the faster car.

The 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro is and has always been a legend within the car community for its race-inspired style and high performance. Only around 201 cars of the Yenko Camaro variation were built and as such, they are extremely rare. It became immediately clear that the partnership between Yenko and Chevrolet was written in the stars as this beast ripped through the drag strip dominating all others in its path. Nothing could quite catch the Yenko Camaro, and as such, the violent vehicle still has many competitors ready to challenge the old champion. Today's race shows that spirit perfectly.


In the opposite lane sits another of America’s most prized potent performance vehicles, the Chevrolet Chevelle. More specifically a COPO variation of the famous Chevy powerhouse, which turns this car into an absolute beast. Both cars sport the 450 horsepower 427ci V8. However, the Chevelle was rated by Chevy to hold 425 horsepower which is more than likely an underrating. The internals are almost entirely the same and the transmission is a Turbo 400 three-speed transmission. That awesome transmission allows for a smooth transfer of speed between gears. Of course, these cars are both insanely popular within the classic muscle car community. This should be very interesting.

Oddly enough both cars seem to be geared the same with a set of 4.33 gears in the diff which should allow for far faster acceleration. As the two cars lined up together at the starting line, you could feel the tension in the air. Two brother cars going head to head in one race to declare the faster car. As the red light turned, yellow, and then green the pair took off like a couple of rocket ships. It was incredibly close, more than likely due to chance and driver error, but the Camaro took the win at a stunning 11.98 seconds. This is contrasted by the Chevelles 12.0 second quarter mile pass which begs the question, is the Camaro really the faster car or will it soon find a competitor worthy of beating the Mustang eater?

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