1972 Ford Capri Resurrected After 40 Years of Dormancy

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This discovery highlights the enduring appeal of the Ford Capri.

A 1972 Ford Capri, the European counterpart to the Mustang, has been discovered in a London garage after sitting idle for nearly four decades. The car, in surprisingly decent condition considering its long slumber, was brought back to life by Jonny Smith from The Late Brake Show, a popular YouTube channel known for uncovering and reviving classic cars.

Jonny Smith's latest barn find adventure took him to a garage where the Capri, covered in dust and surrounded by old mattresses, had been parked since the mid-1980s. Originally purchased new by the current owner's godmother in 1972, the car was later acquired by the owner in 1983. However, it was only used for a few years before being stored away. Despite its age, the Capri retained much of its original charm, including its green paint and tan interior.

The Capri's modest 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder engine, while not as powerful as its American muscle car cousins, still holds appeal for classic car enthusiasts. Jonny and the owner set to work cleaning and inspecting the car. Surprisingly, the spark plugs and engine components were in better condition than expected. After some initial cleaning and replacing the battery, the team attempted to start the car but encountered ignition issues.


Despite their best efforts, the Capri refused to start, and it was concluded that a few new components would be needed to get it running again. The rear drum brakes also required attention to unseize. Nevertheless, the car was rolled out of the garage, showing significant progress from its long dormancy.

Although the Capri wasn't fully resurrected this time, Jonny Smith's determination and expertise have laid the groundwork for its eventual return to the road.

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