Get Your 1973 GM Car with a New Stereo Sensation from Delco

1973 gm delco radio magazine advertisement
Get Your 1973 GM Car with a New Stereo SensationGeneral Motors

Most car audio hardware was pretty terrible (and overpriced) until the 1990s, particularly when it came to factory-installed radios and tape players (which didn't stop thieves from stealing them, unfortunately). General Motors and its Delco subsidiary made things interesting on that front during the 1970s, at least, with in-dash AM/FM/CB/tape units and 8-track decks that accepted a music cartridge with a shove directly into the radio dial.

Here's a magazine advertisement for the 1973 version of that rig, which cost an extra $363 in a new Chevy Impala that year. That's about $2623 in 2023 dollars, in case you're not happy with the 8-speaker Bluetooth-compatible audio system that came at no extra cost in your new economy car.