1975 Camaro Pulled From Water Linked To Missing Men

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1975 Camaro Pulled From Water Linked To Missing Men
1975 Camaro Pulled From Water Linked To Missing Men

For 40 years, the families of three North Carolina men have been wondering where their loved ones have been. They just learned that a 1975 Chevy Camaro which was found and removed from Jack’s Creek back in February does in fact belong to one of the men and that remains inside have been positively identified as the three individuals.

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That’s a huge break in the case, although there are still plenty of unanswered questions concerning the men’s demise. Some wonder if the truth will ever be uncovered about what happened to William Clifton, David McMicken, and Michael Norman.


As often happens with remains found in vehicles which have been submerged in water for a long time, police couldn’t pull enough DNA to build profiles of the three men. However, other evidence like the Camar’s VIN and what remained of the skeletons helped with positively identifying the men.

Sadly, this is one of the reasons criminals sink cars. Submerging them can also help hide the evidence for a long time.

Like we covered before, the classic muscle car was found by a man from Myrtle Beach. He invented a clever contraption that puts sonar on a boogie board, allowing him to troll waters normally not highly accessible to authorities.

After using the device in Jack’s Creek back in February, he was able to confirm there was in fact a vehicle in the murky depths. That spurred authorities to pull out the badly decayed Camaro and start working on investigating it and the pieces of human remains found inside.

Now that the Chevy is out of the water, it’s apparently rusting rapidly. We’ve seen that with other sunken cars plucked out of rivers, lakes, etc. as the air finally reaches them and they fall apart in just days.

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