1975 Trans Am Starts Its First Step To Restoration For Father And Son

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Watch this rare 'Bird get a wash for the first time in 20-years.

Here at Motorious, the Pontiac Firebird has a very special place in the hearts of our various automotive enthusiasts, writers, etc. It's hard to find a car whose name has become so incredibly recognizable among muscle car maniacs and drag strip dominators alike. However, one variation of this famous car may have gained an even bigger reputation for hard-core burnouts, sleek styling, and high performance. The vehicle we are referring to is, of course, the Trans Am. While the Firebird was pretty good at the aforementioned attributes of these classic pony cars, the Trans Am was the king. It took everything that the Firebird did well and made it better. Today's example is one such example of these cars and, though it is very rough, it's time to get this puppy back on the road after 15 years of sitting.


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Under the hood of this awesome classic car is the Pontiac 455 V8 which was a big deal back in the day and still impresses some enthusiasts to this day. The transmission appears to be manual and the shifter itself seems to be in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, the wheels and tires are worn and damaged after years of sitting and the body comes equipped with many dents and rust spots that show its age. The car also comes with what we assume is probably not a factory option, mold!

There is no doubting that this car is rough but the motivation behind restoring it is something that cannot be argued with. The current owner bought it off of his friend John who had run out of space for the car. Instead of sending his beloved classic off to the junkyard, he decided to sell it to Joe. Joe’s son was the one who spotted the car initially and Joe hopes to use the restoration project to better connect with his son and eventually pass it down to him.

While today the car is only going into the shop for detailing, it comes as a much-needed surprise for the car. The interior is filled with Chlorine Dioxide to kill the mold and remove the smell. Then it's time to get to work on the exterior. The rust and grime are caked onto the car so well that the traditional exterior cleaning tools do not work. As such, the team uses an interior cleaning brush which seems to take the dirt right off after a good pressure washing.

The wheels were in such bad shape that the detailer decided to borrow some tools from a local restoration shop to do a full wheel restoration. Upon seeing this the owner let out a vocal sign of happiness with how the project turned out. After a glorious detailing job, the guys were able to get the car to crank up and loaded it up onto the trailer. Finally, this car will get the treatment it deserves, a full restoration between father and son.

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