1981 Camaro Boost Train Pushes Big Power

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Take that, Mustangs!

We’re big fans of high-strung, purpose-built muscle cars like this 1981 Chevrolet Camaro lovingly called Boost Train. As the name clearly indicates, this is no all-motor build, and while some people might bemoan that fact it’s the nearly 2,400-horsepower peak output and neck-snapping quarter-mile times which truly hold our interest in this car.

<span>photo credit: Facebook</span>
photo credit: Facebook

To achieve such high-flying power, Boost Train’s heart is a fuel-injected 540ci big block V8 with twin 80mm turbos. That combination makes for a lot of saber rattling before this Camaro launches from the line, but this 80s muscle machine is not all bark. However, the owner has told other automotive sites he won’t share his drag strip run times, which also aren’t dropped on the car’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.