1985 Porsche 911 Is The Iconic 80s Porsche

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Porsche has been one of the most performance oriented companies to dabble in the automotive industry for decades. One of their top models, the 911, shows this off pretty well, especially today. However, have you ever stopped to appreciate just how advanced the older 911 models were for their time? Here’s a perfect example to show you exactly what the brand was going for in the 1980s.

Built in 1985, this Porsche was made to idolize the pursuit of true speed and performance on the racing accomplishes that goal quite well with a beautifully crafted 3.2-liter flat-six engine. Because of the engine placement, these cars had a nearly perfect weight distribution. The five-speed manual transaxle also definitely helped put some extra pep in the car’s step as it took corners with extreme precision and control.

Another great aspect of the vehicle is the limited slip differential which also aids a lot when it comes to turning. Without a doubt, all of these features fit the Grand Prix White paint job and vintage chrome wheels perfectly. So it would seem this car has a lot of fun driving to do both on the track and the road. The only factor left to be decided is who will actually be the one behind the wheel.

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