1991 Ford Taurus 'Tamaro' Mashup Hits Facebook Marketplace for $4,999

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Well, it's different...

In a world where custom automotive builds range from tasteful masterpieces to questionable creations, a new contender has emerged that certainly falls into the latter category. A 1991 Ford Taurus outfitted with Chevy Camaro bodywork has been listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace, adding yet another Frankenstein-like mashup to the automotive world's gallery of the peculiar.

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A Unique Creation

This Taurus, transformed about nine years ago, started life as a high-mileage car in what the seller described as "rough shape." Despite its questionable past, the seller boldly claims this vehicle could be "possibly one of the most famous cars you will ever have a chance to buy." While that statement might raise eyebrows for several reasons, the car is undoubtedly one of the most unusual custom builds in recent memory.

Eclectic Modifications

The seller didn't stop at just adding Camaro elements to the Ford Taurus. The car now sports a front end, headlights, grille, and bumpers borrowed from a Chevy Camaro. But the quirks don't end there; the sedan also features a rear spoiler from a Dodge Charger SRT8. And as if to add a dash of luxury—or perhaps irony—the interior has been customized with a Rolls Royce-style design featuring abundant wood and black suede, along with an aftermarket stereo system.

Priced to Sell?

Dubbed the "Tamaro," this Ford Taurus-Camaro hybrid is currently listed for $4,999. Although the listing candidly notes that the car shows considerable wear, particularly inside the cabin, it is optimistic that there will be a taker. Whether that taker is a genuinely interested buyer or a YouTuber aiming to make a spectacle of the vehicle for viewers remains to be seen.

Source: Facebook Marketplace

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