2 people injured after planes collide near Falcon Field Airport in Mesa

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Developing story

Two people were injured after two planes collided with each other near Falcon Field Airport in Mesa on Friday.

Capt. Joshua Blum, a Mesa Fire & Medical Department spokesperson, said crews responded to the airport at about 12:45 p.m. to initial calls that an aircraft was in distress after having collided with another plane and was en route to Falcon Field.

Fire personnel later learned that three planes had been flying in formation when one struck another. One of the damaged planes landed successfully while the second did a fly-by to monitor the situation. The third plane, an Air Force Warbird, crashed onto one of the airport's runways after its landing gear failed.

Blum said the plane broke in half behind the cockpit, coming nose down as it finally stopped. Two people in the plane remained conscious but were injured and trapped inside the plane. Firefighters got the two people out of the plane, and they refused ambulance transport to a hospital.

No one was injured in the second damaged plane.

It was not immediately clear as of Friday evening how the collision occurred.

This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: 2 injured after planes collide near Falcon Field Airport in Mesa