2012 BMW 328i Wagon Answers the Question: 'What Do C/D Editors Drive?'

Photo credit: Michael Simari/Bring a Trailer
Photo credit: Michael Simari/Bring a Trailer
  • Our friends at the auction site Bring a Trailer are listing this 2012 BMW 328i xDrive wagon for online auction.

  • Among other interesting features, it is currently owned by Car and Driver deputy testing director K.C. Colwell.

  • The auction runs until the afternoon of Monday, November 22.

When people find out you work at Car and Driver, and that you get to sample numerous different cars as part of your job, they often ask the probing question: So, what car do you drive? For C/D deputy testing director K.C. Colwell, who tests more than 100 cars each year, the answer is this 2012 BMW 328i xDrive wagon. But the next owner could be you, as this car is for sale right now on Bring a Trailer.

An automotive journalist choosing a BMW 3-series won't be much of a surprise for many, and the fact that it's a station wagon further plays to type. This BMW is powered by a 3.0-liter N52 inline-six making 230 horsepower backed up by a six-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles and driving all four wheels. The color is Vermillion Red Metallic, and the interior is finished in Oyster leather. Equipment includes a panoramic sunroof, roof rails, navigation, heated front seats, and adaptive cruise control. There are just under 51,000 miles on the clock.


Full disclosure: Colwell has owned this car only since April, though it is his second E90-generation 3er (the 328i sedan isn't for sale). With the arrival of a new baby, he bought this wagon for his wife. But she elected to keep driving her Volvo, so this BMW is going on the block. And once it's sold, what will Colwell's answer to that most-asked question be? Most likely, "A Ducati."

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