2022 BMW 330e xDrive Long-Term Wrap-up: An efficient, fun and trouble-free year

2022 BMW 330e xDrive Long-Term Wrap-up: An efficient, fun and trouble-free year

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Our time with the 2022 BMW 330e xDrive is officially up, and we can safely say we had a pleasant experience with BMW's plug-in hybrid 3 Series. In the end, our year with the car saw us tack on approximately 13,500 miles, of which about 2,500 were done on electric power. One minor hiccup involving a minor fender-bender requiring a bumper replacement took the car out of commission for quite a while as we awaited parts, but long waits for service is something we've gotten used to as of late. Regardless, that didn't temper our enjoyment of the 330e, and there's still a strong argument to be made for picking it over the regular 330i.

As a reminder, our 330e xDrive (all-wheel-drive) model rang in at $51,840 after options. Its Portimao Blue Metallic paint is a stunning color choice, and we can't recommend choosing it with the Cognac interior enough. With a combined 288 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque from the 2.0-liter turbo and electric motor integrated into the eight-speed automatic transmission, it never felt short of power – well, except for when you're totally out of battery power, but that takes sustained high-performance driving to do. Nevertheless, the turbo four-cylinder is a little meek if it's tasked with moving the 4,138-pound sedan alone.


Our editors are full of final impressions after spending months with this 3 Series PHEV, so read on below to see how it fared.

Road Test Editor Zac Palmer: I lived the PHEV life with the 330e while it was in my possession. After every drive I’d plug the car in, and while I only had a normal 120V outlet, that was plenty for me to fully recharge overnight. This allowed me to go grocery shopping and run a couple errands throughout the day without dipping into the gas engine. For folks who live in areas where your typical destinations are 3-6 miles away (as I do), the 330e’s 20 miles of electric range (and more in real-life use) really was enough. That said, a greater buffer sure would’ve been nice to allow for slightly longer excursions on electric power. You just need to be realistic about your use case to see if the range is enough, because running the 330e on electric power is a necessity to make its financial case work.

Beyond driving efficiently, I also spent a good amount of time hustling the 330e around some of our favorite Michigan driving roads to see if it held up to the 3 Series’ high standards. From a capability and fun standpoint, that’s a resounding hell yeah. The chassis is firm, super-responsive and the steering is quick with superb accuracy. You pay for that capability with a stiff ride for this segment, but that’s mostly because our test car wasn’t equipped with BMW’s adaptive dampers. Testing out the passive damper setup on the 330e was an enlightening time, but I came away thinking it was 100% worth it to spec the Dynamic Handling Package that includes the Adaptive M Suspension system. That said, no matter which way you decide, the 330e is going to make you smile behind the wheel.