2022 Ford Bronco Everglades | 2022 Chicago Auto Show

The 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades is yet another off-road-oriented trim level in the SUV's expansive line-up. This one is based on the four-cylinder Sasquatch model, but gets many extra features. Up front is a metal off-road bumper with a mount for a standard 10,000-pound Warn winch. It's also fully crash-tested and doesn't interfere with the Bronco's other safety equipment and driver assist systems. It also features an intake snorkel and elevated axle and transmission vents to add nearly 3 extra inches of water fording capability. Other parts include the roof rack and rock rails, plus unique wheels and front fender graphics. It starts at just over $54,000 and will be available this summer.

Video Transcript

JOEL STOCKSDALE: One of the bigger debuts of the Chicago Auto Show this year is the new Ford Bronco Everglades package. Now, this is a new trim line that a lot of it is extras and features that you can get on other Broncos. It comes with the Sasquatch package with the bigger tires. It comes with skid plates. It comes with steel front bumper. It comes with a WARN winch. But it has a couple of exclusive features as well.

One of the ones that you'll see immediately is that it's got a unique set of wheels, kind of retro style and look purposeful and off-road ready. It's got some really neat graphics on the side that-- it's a topographical map with some other details and things. You've got a nifty little Sasquatch thing here showing off the mythical namesake of the Bronco.

Additionally, it has a snorkel on the other side of the truck. Now, this is part of a few features that give the Bronco Everglades an extra nearly three inches of water fording. So what this does is helps keep your intake clear of water, but it also helps keep dust out of the intake as well. It helps get the air intake higher up, away from dust and stuff kicked up on the road. The actual intake part of it can be facing either direction. So if you have it facing backwards, it reduces the amount of dust going into the intake. Also has rocker guards here that help protect it off-road.

Additionally, the transmission and the axles have raised up vents and that's to help keep water from getting down into your important mechanical pieces. You don't want water in there. And you also want any kind of gases or anything to get built up, you want those to be able to escape.

Now, this is currently only announced for the four-cylinder model and it will be available for around $54,000. Right off the bat, Bronco reservation holders will be the first ones able to pick one up. But eventually they should be making their way to dealer lots. It's a very similar situations with the Bronco Raptor. And that's the Bronco Everglades, one more in the ever-increasingly wide range of off-road capable Broncos straight from the dealer.