2022 Ford GT | 2022 Chicago Auto Show

The 2022 Ford GT gets one more retro edition before it ends production this year. The new iteration is the Alan Mann Heritage Edition. It's inspired by a pair of 1966 Ford GT40 race cars built by the British racing outfit Alan Mann Racing. What made those cars significant were their aluminum body shells. While the lightweight bodies made the 289-ci V8 GT40s quick, Ford ended up focusing on cars using larger 427-ci engines instead. The special edition GT has the new car's carbon fiber construction instead of aluminum, but it gets an updated version of the race cars' red paint with gold and white stripes.

Video Transcript

- One of the debuts at the Chicago Auto Show this year is this, the 2022 Ford GT Alan Mann Racing Heritage Edition. This is one of a number of heritage editions that Ford has done, celebrating past GT40 race cars. And this one, done up in red with gold and white stripes and fancy door numbers-- in fact, the number 16 is shared with the classic car. It's celebrating a couple of unique GT40 race cars, Mark I models, that were built by a British Racing Team that used an aluminum body that made them lighter weight and faster.

And not only is the Heritage Edition car here, but the original one is as well. This is the 1966 model. It's one of two that were built by the British racing team. And as mentioned, it featured an aluminum body to make it lighter, which is also different from the modern version, which is made of carbon fiber.

And you can see both of them at the Chicago Auto Show this year. And if you are on the list for a 2022 Ford GT, you are able to order it. And this is the final year of production for the Ford GT.