2022 GMC Yukon infotainment system walkthrough

This 2022 GMC Yukon infotainment system walkthrough highlights the best parts of the Android Automotive-based infotainment. We show the native Google Maps navigation system, demonstrate the Google Assistant and discuss how it differs from the standard GM infotainment. This system comes standard on the 2022 model year GMC Yukon and Yukon XL. Plus, it’s also standard on the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. Despite it being Android-based on the back-end, rest assured that this infotainment still includes Apple CarPlay and regular Android Auto functionality, both of which can be connected to wirelessly.

Video Transcript

- Here we are in the 2022 GMC Yukon. So for 2022, the Yukon gains Android Automotive, which is one of our Technology of the Year finalists. So that means what you're looking at right here is Google Maps. That is the native navigation system in the car. And we go Home. It takes us to the main Home screen of Android Automotive.

Notice that it's somewhat similar to the [? My ?] [? Chevy ?] GM standard infotainment system, but there are some obvious differences. You can see the actual Google apps up here, so Google Maps, the Play Store, Google Assistant, all of those options are there, because yes, this is, in fact, running Android. If you go all the way to the bottom, go to System, you see it's actually running Android 10 right there. So that right there is a an Android version.

Now, one key difference between this one and the Polestar 2 is that in addition to running Android, you actually have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability here. Polestar says that that one is eventually going to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but GM already has it. It works nice. However, you really don't need it that often now, because, well, just click on Google Maps and go. It's definitely the best native navigation system that you can have out there.

One of the beautiful things about Android Automotive is that you get the Google Assistant baked in. So that means that you can just say, at any time, hey, Google. take me to the nearest grocery store.

Hollywood Markets. All right.

Boom. Off you go. It uses Google Maps. It calculates instantly, and well, away you're going. Plus, you get the traffic information that we all know and love with Google Maps.

That said, this one has had some hiccups with the Google Assistant. Upon first starting the car, you have to wait a good, I'd say, 15 to 20 seconds before the Assistant is ready to talk with you, which, unlike the Polestar, that one is ready to go the instant that you set foot into the car. This one, I wish that it was ready to go right away. But it's not there yet.

One benefit you'll get with Android Automotive is the ability to download apps via the Play Store. So I don't have Spotify or other audio apps downloaded right now, but if you wanted to, you could go to the Play Store, sign into your Google account, and get all your favorite audio streaming apps, podcasting. You can see that this car actually already has Google Podcasts and Google News installed so you can listen to the news or your favorite podcasts right here, just through the native infotainment system.

And overall, you know, it's slightly different versus the standard GM infotainment. But you get a few little added extras with Android Automotive. Plus, Google Assistant baked in is a huge, huge plus.