2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is getting Crawl Control among off-road bits

Despite showing what the 2022 Toyota Tundra will look like, Toyota is continuing to trickle out teasers of the pickup truck. And for once, we have a fairly helpful teaser. Not only does it give us more of a look at the new truck's interior, but it shows a couple of nice feature upgrades over the old truck.

Most exciting for off-roaders are the dial and buttons shown in the top right of the teaser. The Tundra, presumably in TRD Pro guise like it says on the seats, will now get the Crawl Control and descent control functions that have been previously available in Toyotas such as the 4Runner and Tacoma. Crawl Control is Toyota's off-road cruise control system (Ford has one, too), that will hold the vehicle to a low speed and help it climb over obstacles. Descent control isn't particularly unusual for modern off-road trucks, but it's not something that has been previously available on the Tundra.

The other two parts of the teaser are also informative. Obviously the bottom right shows off wireless phone charging, which will probably be available on many Tundra trims. What likely won't be available across the range are the bold red leather seats shown on the left. The embroidered "TRD Pro" logo makes it obvious which trim will have them, and adding to the uniqueness is some sort of hard-edged camouflage pattern under the perforated seat inserts.

We're expecting the Tundra to make its debut later this year. We're left to speculate what will power it. It could get a twin-turbo V6 like the new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser. Various other details such as cab and bed configurations are also still a mystery. We have at least seen the exterior, and, thanks to some spy shots, we've seen some of the interior, which gets a sleek dash with a nicely integrated infotainment screen.

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