2023 Corvette Z06 Mishap at a Dealership

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That's a big whoops!

Social media has recently been abuzz with a photo depicting the ill-fated outcome of a 2023 Corvette Z06 Convertible, cloaked in Torch Red, which plummeted from a service department lift at an undisclosed dealer’s location. A surveillance video shared by a Corvette Forum member seems to provide a glimpse into the critical aspects of this unfortunate event.

Florida man drove his C8 Corvette into a ditch. See it here.

The immediate reaction to such a mishap invariably revolves around perplexity, particularly concerning how dealer technicians are recurring in what seems like a fundamental error. Barring any claims of equipment malfunction, this incident appears to have been spurred by human error. The uploader of the surveillance footage describes that due to improper positioning of the lift arm, the Corvette was "sliced like butter." This viewpoint is echoed by several members of the Corvette Forum, agreeing on the incorrect positioning of the lift arm on the jack points.


The structure of the C8 Corvette necessitates the rear lift points to be positioned more rearwards, compensating for the vehicle’s 40/60 percent weight distribution. Alarmingly, this incident marks at least the third known instance of a C8 falling off a dealer’s lift.

A piece of prudent advice stems from a Corvette Forum member regarding interactions with service departments, he remarks, “One of the reasons I installed BRIGHT RED anodized jacking pucks. I just have to tell the service monkey to ‘lift it from the red thingys.’”

This mishap underscores the paramount importance of meticulous attention to detail and adherence to proper procedures when handling such high-caliber vehicles. While technical knowledge is crucial, the integration of distinctive markers, like anodized jacking pucks, can serve as a visual cue, potentially mitigating the risk of such detrimental occurrences in the future. The repercussion of such a seemingly trivial oversight resonates profoundly, highlighting the delicate equilibrium between precision and calamity in the realm of automotive servicing.

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