2023 Ford Bronco prices up again, only slightly this time

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Ford Bronco prices continue to climb for the 2023 model year. This Bronco6G forum post covers what is at least the third MSRP increase this year. Compared to the bumps we covered in March for the regular versions and the bad boy Bronco Raptor, the two-door Big Bend and two-door Black Diamond go up $250. The two-door Heritage and the Bronco Raptor are up $500, and all trims of the Badlands and Wildtrak are up $750. On top of that, the Sasquatch Package is up $400 to $5,295, the ten-speed automatic up by the same amount to $1,995. Lastly, the destination charge is up another $100 to $1,895. The latest numbers are:



  • Base: $36,785

  • Big Bend: $41,025

  • Black Diamond: $43,395

  • Outer Banks: $48,245

  • Heritage: $49,000

  • Badlands: $50,040

  • Wildtrak: $60,670

  • Heritage Limited: $71,340


  • Base: $39,935

  • Big Bend: $41,765

  • Black Diamond: $44,135

  • Outer Banks: $49,835

  • Heritage: $49,490

  • Badlands: $51,330

  • Wildtrak: $61,210

  • Heritage Limited: $72,380

  • Raptor: $88,745

According to the forum, if you already have a Bronco on order and the papers were signed by July 25, received by Ford no later than July 31, then the automaker's price protection leaves your payments and bank account unchanged. Anyone is else going to fork over additional dosh.

For new buyers, if you want a Bronco under $40,000, you can forget about it — the Base can't be ordered no matter the door count. The seven-speed manual transmission is also still under limited availability, so says the Bronco build page.

These are small increases compared to what happened in March, but the cumulative effect has made its impression. Bronco6G posters reassembling their builds on the current configurator have noted differences like, "I’m seeing my March order would cost about 2k more if I ordered it today," and, "Build and price from today is $11,272 more than March 2023 window sticker for the same build for Raptor (basically every option outside of beadlock wheels)," and, "My 2 door Base with [Sasquatch] & the 2.7 [EcoBoost V6] that I just got was originally priced at 39k, paid 36k. Now MSRP shows it's 50k. WTF."

We aren't far away from the 2024 Bronco making its arrival, perhaps rolled out around the Detroit Auto Show. The way things are going in the industry, there's another set of bumps coming with the year change.

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