2023 Ford Bronco Raptor interior revealed in new spy photos

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A 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor prototype looking suspiciously similar to the one Ford teased late last year has been spotted in the wild with a partially uncovered interior, giving us our first look at what the Blue Oval has in store for the new apex Bronco's cabin.

While many details remain hidden, there are a couple of noteworthy differentiators here. The wheel logo has been covered up, but we're betting there's something specific to the Raptor underneath. The red accents on the vent knobs, GOAT mode selector, shift boot and wheel stitching are probably going to be Raptor signature elements, and we've seen similar approaches to the Bronco's other variants. The center-console grab handle (covered here) will likely carry on this trend too.

The biggest stand-out feature here is the paddle shifters, which are conspicuously absent on the current Bronco crop (but available on the 2.0L Bronco Sport, curiously enough). Just behind these, we see a full digital instrument cluster. The dash-top switches all seem to be directly ported over from Broncos will all the bells and whistles, so there's really nothing new to decipher from there.

As we've seen previously, this prototype has unique amber LED daytime running lights, the opened-up grille, and bold "FORD" lettering in the middle like its big F-150 cousin. Around the sides are far wider fender flares (expected to house factory 37s) and at the back, the taillights appear tinted and the third brake light is wider and contains the mandated rear running lights (mirroring those found up front).

Ford has already confirmed that the Bronco Raptor is due to go on sale this year, with rumors pointing to summer. While the state of the global supply chain appears to be improving for automotive production, we're inclined to say it'll get here when it gets here. Hopefully that will be in 2022.

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