2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Pickup Has Super Torque

2023 ford f250 super duty
2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Has Super TorqueFord

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The towing and torque wars are here, and we’re all in the trenches. Ford unleashed an updated PowerStroke diesel in 2020 and moved the production-grade heavy-duty diesel world into four figures worth of torque. Naturally, Ram punched back with a more potent Cummins that sent 1075 lb-ft worth of torque to the driveline.

Well, for ’23 Ford stuffed a high-output version of its PowerStroke diesel under the hood of its revamped Super Duty trucks and pushed the torque figure to the moon. The star of the latest-generation Super Duty’s show is the 6.7-liter PowerStroke V8 that sends 500 hp and 1200 lb-ft of torque through a 10-speed automatic transmission and to the rear or all four wheels. In a special configuration, this latest Super Duty rig packs enough muscle to tug 40,000 pounds.


On this episode of Quick Spin, Autoweek executive editor Tom Murphy climbs behind the wheel of the 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty and puts it through its paces. Murphy takes you on a guided tour of the F-250 Super Duty and highlights some of his favorite features.

Later in the show, Murphy provides a live drive review of this torque monster, then chats with host Wesley Wren about the latest F-250, its engine, and more. Closing the show, the pair break down what makes the 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty special.

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