The 2023 Nissan Ariya interior is impressively futuristic | 2022 Chicago Auto Show

News Editor Joel Stocksdale gives us a closer look at the interior of the 2023 Nissan Ariya.

Video Transcript

JOEL STOCKSDALE: We're here at The Chicago Auto Show. We've got an opportunity to check out the Nissan Ariya up close and personal. And what we wanted to show you was the interior because it's something that we're really impressed with. So, let's hop in.

So, there are a bunch of little details about the Nissan Ariya interior that we really, really like. One of the big ones is this faux wood panel here on the interior, and it has all of the climate controls embedded in there that are touch sensitive. And it's just a really classy way to do them. The air vent is in this very in vogue, big, open air vent system, and we're pleased to see that it does have an actual volume knob for quick access to that.

It's got a couple of large touch screens as normal. It's got a unique two spoke steering wheel, and it does have real buttons. They are touch sensitive. So when you press it, you press the whole thing. But depending on where you've got your thumb, that will determine which function is selected.

Other neat details are the wood trim that continues here onto the center console, which also has a couple other touch controls embedded in there. And this whole console can slide forward and aft, depending on where you want it. You've got a huge amount of space here because you don't have an engine and transmission or exhaust going through the middle, so you just have a whole lot of room that you can really get really comfortable with.

It's got a really neat light up center stack thing, for lack of a better word, that looks really neat, and that's echoed in the doors that have a similar sort of cutout pattern with ambient lighting. It's really, really neat. It's got really plush carpeting. It's just, it's a really stylish place to be, and it's one of the neat things about the Nissan Ariya.