2023 Nissan Z Performance walkaround

News Editor Joel Stocksdale gives us a walkaround of the 2023 Nissan Z Performance in Seiran Blue.

Video Transcript

JOEL STOCKSDALE: Hey there. Joel Stocksdale here, and I've got a new Nissan Z. I was admiring the retro looks and thought I would take you through some of them. The nose is obviously inspired by the original 240Z, particularly the rectangular grill and the headlights that echo the, quote unquote, "sugar scoop" design around the old, round headlights on the Z. The hood also features a crease down the middle into a power bulge over the engine [? that ?] those are direct-- those are direct from the 240Z. If you look at one of those old ones, you'll find those, too.

Coming around, you've got the classic [? "long ?] hood, short [? deck" ?] profile that pretty much every Z has featured. And another particular retro touch is the round badge on the rear pillar, which is another classic Z thing. And it, in fact, features the old Z logo, not the new one that came on the 350Z.

And then coming around the back, got the back end that is based on the '90s 300ZX. The taillight design in particular with the long, lozenge-shaped lights is right from that model. And the big hatchback is another classic Z touch.

Stepping inside, you'll find other retro touches, particularly the [? auxiliary ?] gauge pod above the vents. This harks back to lots of Z generations along with the center stack, slightly canted toward the driver. And this has a manual transmission like old ones.

Even the steering wheel has kind of a retro look. It's got the old Z logo and just a very plain, simple, three-spoke design. And that's a quick look at the retro details of the new Z.