2023 Porsche Taycan, Audi RS E-Tron GT Recalled For Battery-Fire Risk

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Taycan, E-Tron GT Recalled For Battery-Fire RiskPorsche

Porsche has recalled all variants of the 2023 Taycan over potentially insufficient battery sealant. The automaker introduced a new battery sealant material last September for the beginning of 2023 model-year production and discovered that the sealant may not be sufficient. In some instances, this can allow water into the battery pack, which then can cause arcing and thus, a fire. Audi has also issued a recall for the E-Tron GT, which is a re-bodied Taycan.

The recall covers 4777 Taycans and 1899 E-Trons in the U.S. and Canada, all of which were built between September 2022 and last month. Of those cars, Porsche and Audi estimate 3 percent are affected. Dealer notifications went out last week, while both Porsche and Audi will notify customers of the recall on October 31. The fix involves taking the car to a dealer to have the battery sealant inspected. If it's deemed to be insufficient, the battery will be replaced entirely.

In its recall notice, submitted to NHTSA on September 1, Porsche says it began receiving reports of insufficient insulation values in March 2023, and a month later, determined that one U.S.-market car was affected. Two further U.S. Taycans were found to have insufficient sealant after a dashboard warning message prompted owners to bring cars to dealers for examination. Audi has no reports of U.S. cars with issues, the filing says. The battery supplier introduced a better sealant in May of this year, but both Porsche and Audi are recalling cars built after this point.


The automaker says there are no reports of either a Taycan or E-Tron catching fire as a result of this issue. It's illegal for a dealer to sell a car with an open recall until the issue is remedied. We've reached out to Porsche to see if dealers are able to perform the recall before the October 31 owner notification date, and will update if we hear back with more information.

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