2023 Tesla Model S and Model X Prices Changed Once Again

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Tesla Model S and X Pricing Changes Once AgainMarc Urbano - Car and Driver
  • Tesla has changed pricing figures on its two flagship models, this time upping prices of the 2023 Model S and '23 Model X by $2500 each.

  • The Model X now starts at $99,130 and the Model S starts at $89,130.

  • Three years of free Supercharging is being added for Model S and X customers who take delivery between April 20, and June 30, 2023.

UPDATE 4/21/2023: Tesla updated pricing for the Model S and Model X flagship vehicles overnight. Each vehicle increased by $2500 cutting away at previous price cuts from earlier in the year. Despite the most recent increase, both models cost less than they did at the start of the year. Customers who take delivery of either the Model S or Model X between April 20, and June 30, 2023 will now be eligible for three years of unlimited Supercharging. This story has been updated to reflect current pricing figures.

If yesterday you bought either a Tesla Model S or Model X at full price, you might not be too happy to read this: Tesla has once again introduced significant price cuts. The latest move sees the starting prices of the 2023 Model S and '23 Model X drop by roughly $5000 and $10,000, respectively.

Model S and X Markdowns

The Model S now starts at $89,130—down from $96,630. The Model X now starts at $99,130—down from $111,630. The high-performance Plaid versions of each now start at $109,130. Previously, they started at $116,630 (Model S) and $121,630 (Model X).


That brings the price of the Model S down by around 4 percent; the Model X's price is down by about 9 percent. Even with the most recent price cuts, the Model S and Model X are Tesla's two most expensive vehicles by a considerable margin.

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This marks the second time this year Tesla has implemented large markdowns for its most expensive models, with both the Model S and Model X having their prices dropped by roughly $10,000 in January.

Frequent Price Fluctuations

The latest price changes also represent Tesla's fifth adjustment since the start of the year, as reported by Reuters. The largest reduction came in January when the company reduced the price of the Model Y SUV by $13,000 in order to bring it below the $55,000 maximum price allowed under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), helping it qualify for the federal tax credit.

The constant price changes and updates are enough to confuse even the most clued-in customers. Earlier this year, when surprise price cuts hit China, customers who recently purchased a new Tesla were angered by the devaluation of their vehicles. Hundreds of protesters gathered at Tesla stores and chanted, "Return the money, refund our cars," in a video that was also reported by Reuters.

There are currently no reports of Tesla offering refunds following the January price cuts. That suggests it's unlikely Tesla will offer any for owners who recently purchased either vehicle affected by the latest markdowns.

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