2023 Toyota Crown, an SUV-ified Sedan, Will Debut July 15

Photo credit: Japan Patent Office
Photo credit: Japan Patent Office
  • The 2023 Toyota Crown will debut July 15, and it appears to be a lifted sedan.

  • Patent images show the overall shape, which is of a four-door sedan with body cladding and a raised ride height.

  • We expect the Crown to come standard with a hybrid drivetrain.

UPDATE 7/11/22: Toyota has released a teaser video for the Crown showing glimpses of the headlights, the taillights, the badge, the wheels, and a few other details. The sneak peek appears to confirm that the leaked patent images are accurate.

We first heard about a new SUV version of the Toyota Crown a few months ago, but the actual vehicle, set to debut July 15, will be a bit more interesting than that. Based on leaked patent images and Toyota's website that asks, "Sedan? SUV?" it appears that the 2023 Crown will be a four-door sedan with SUV styling cues and a raised ride height—much in the vein of Subaru's long dead Outback sedan, or SUS (Sport Utility Sedan).