2024 BYD Shark: The Chinese Plug-In Pickup Biden Doesn’t Want You to Have


Chinese automotive juggernaut and the world's biggest EV maker BYD has unveiled a plug-in hybrid pickup truck called the Shark destined for Mexico. The unveiling was even held in Mexico, marking the first time the company has ever done such a thing outside of China, and, coincidentally or not, the reveal came mere hours after President Biden announced big tariffs on Chinese goods, notably a quadrupling on tariffs on Chinese EVs from 25% to 100%.

In any case, the Shark is a midsize truck—that is, similar in size to the Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado—powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder aided by two electric motors making 430 total horsepower. Torque is TBD. Zero to 62 mph happens in a claimed 5.7 seconds and coincidentally, 62 miles happens to be the Shark's EV-only driving range. With a full tank and battery, total driving range is 528 miles, which would be a class-leading figure in the U.S.

It'll tow up to 5,511 pounds and boasts a payload capacity of 1,841 pounds. Just like the electrified Ford F-150s, the Shark features V2L capability, essentially allowing it to serve as a portable generator. Inside, a 12.8-inch touchscreen can rotate, which means you can choose between portrait and landscape nav directions, and packs Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


As for the possibility of stateside availability, BYD is reiterating its stance of not caring about the U.S. market. Speaking to Reuters, BYD boss Stella Li said, "We don't have plans to go to the U.S. market, so [Biden's tariffs] announcement does not impact us at all. When we build a Mexican plant, we only consider the Mexican market and other countries' markets, we have not considered the U.S."

When the 2024 BYD Shark goes on sale in Mexico, it'll cost the equivalent of about $53,000.

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