2024 Chevy Silverado EV's party tricks is the Midgate | 2022 Chicago Auto Show

One of the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV's party tricks is the Midgate, a feature that returns from the long-discontinued Chevy Avalanche. The truck, which comes in one body configuration, has a bed length of just shy of 6 feet. But with the available MultiFlex tailgate and the Midgate, the latter of which folds into the cabin, overall load length is around 10 feet. The Midgate has been updated over the Avalanche design, too. Instead of only being fully open or fully closed, the new version has a 60/40 split lower section, which can leave the rear glass in place. And of course, the entire middle section can be opened up for especially large items. The way it folds also leaves an easily cleaned and rugged plastic floor, so you don't damage the interior.

Video Transcript

- So we're checking out the Chevy Silverado EV's unique Midgate feature. It's basically a return of the feature from the old Chevy Avalanche, and it involves being able to fold down the middle section of the truck bed, the rear window, and the bed partition down into the interior to expand cargo capacity. The bed itself is about 6 feet. And when you go ahead and fold it down, it expands the overall bed capacity by a significant margin.

It's also unique in the fact that you can fold it down 60-40. So you can have long items but still maintain some passenger capacity. And you can also fold down the lower section so you can have long items, but not completely expose the interior to the elements or fold the whole thing down for particularly bulky items. And it can be combined with the MultiFlex tailgate and the flap on the end of that to make the bed extremely long.

So although the Silverado EV only comes with one body configuration, it is quite versatile and flexible.