2024 Fiat 500e Inspired by Los Angeles, but Is It Really?

2024 fiat 500e inspired by los angeles
2024 Fiat 500e Inspired by Los Angeles, or Is It?Fiat
  • Fiat has revealed the latest release of the new-for-2024 500e EV.

  • Called the 500e Inspired by Los Angeles, it follows in the tire tracks of the Inspired by Music and the Inspired by Beauty trims.

  • Regrettably, without making any meaningful changes, the newest addition to the "Inspired by" series is, well, uninspiring.

Fiat just dropped the newest version of its "Inspired by" series with the 2024 500e Inspired by Los Angeles. The latest release follows the Inspired by Music and Inspired by Beauty models, but we've got a bone to pick with this one. Despite the naming convention and Fiat telling Car and Driver that the brand has plans for fun, distinctive, and passionate models, the newest 500e feels painfully uninspired.

The idea behind the "Inspired by" series is that Fiat knows it isn't a huge brand with mass-market appeal, so the team behind the 500e wanted to streamline the ordering process by creating cars with unique characters.

2024 fiat 500e inspired by los angeles

"We know all of the people that typically buy these cars, they're not vanilla buyers either," Aamir Ahmed, Fiat's head of North American operations told Car and Driver. "You have your passions and enthusiasms in life, and we want to go down that path with you."


That's exactly where our issue with the 500e Inspired by Los Angeles starts. Rather than craft a truly unique take on the micro EV, the ILA looks to be a copy-and-paste version of the Inspired by Music, except with a pretty robin's egg blue (Marine Layer Mist) paint coating its retro shell. In fact, they're so similar that they even have the same seven-speaker JBL sound system and four distinct "venues" programmed into the system by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

2024 fiat 500e inspired by los angeles

Even the 17-inch wheels look like they were nabbed from the same parts bin as the Music. If the additional "Inspired by" drops fail to differentiate themselves from one another, what's the point? The idea doesn't so much streamline the dealership process as it steals the power to customize a car to a buyer's desire.

If all that sounds OK to you, and you still like the Marine Layer Mist (we'll admit that we do), pricing for the Inspired by Los Angeles starts at $37,595, mirroring that of the other "Inspired by" cars. It'll be available later this month, and Fiat say it will begin arriving at dealerships later this year.

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