2024 Ford E-Transit Adds Range, Faster Charging Speeds

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2024 Ford E-Transit Adds Range and Faster ChargingFord
  • The 2024 Ford E-Transit cargo van receives a larger battery and an additional onboard charger to improve charging speeds.

  • The new battery has 89.0-kWh of usable capacity, which Ford says improves range on low-roof models by 26 percent and high-roof models by 32 percent.

  • The second onboard charger improves the Transit's charging speed, allowing it to add an estimated 67 miles of range in 15 minutes using a DC fast-charger.

You wouldn't know just by looking, but Ford made several changes under the skin of the 2024 E-Transit cargo van. The maximum range of the popular work van is improved, with Ford tucking a larger battery pack underneath the vehicle, while overall charging times are reduced.

E-Transit Improvements

A new 89.0-kWh battery pack replaces the previous 68.0-kWh unit. Ford claims that brings the E-Transit's estimated range up to 159 miles for the low-roof model. That may not sound like much, but the figure marks an increase of 26 percent compared to 2023. The range of high-roof models increases by 32 percent. Based on Ford's 108-mile estimate for 2023 E-Transit long-roof models, an increase of 32 percent should bring that figure to roughly 143 miles.